Chairman’s Message

As history unfolds, Unique Contracting Co. L.L.C. has carved a perception of Integrity, Value, Accountability, Quality and Innovation. Through the application of these principles. We continue to provide value to our clients and we will consistently meet our purpose: Together Building Value Everyday. Our services and expertise have been proven through the years as our capabilities extend from the most complex projects to the simplest.

At this juncture  I would like to point out that being one of the prime movers for making the company as one of the leading firm in the field of construction that we will actively pursue diversity in our workplace  the markets we serve and the service we provide. By embracing this mantle responsibility, we will continue to indoctrinate in our clients the sense of identity and nurture the values of the company.

A good and open working relationship I believe is essential for a successful job to be done. We will remain competitive and continue to lead in the construction business in the country. In retrospect, the company had already carved an icon of identity which puts us in a position to be proud of what we have now and what we will be in the future.

Fate has its way of shaping people’s lives as seen in our company. We always take pride in providing quality performance for our clients’ satisfaction and will uphold our reputation for integrity in the community (marketplace) and provide an ethical work environment for all of our employees.

We will continue to be the best in the industry-leading provider and continue to maintain our remarkable image of social standing

Manilal H. Limbani

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